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Social and Play Groups

Play Group
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The Play Group is a weekly program which exposes children to various play activities in a group environment to help improve their imitation skills, social skills, motivation to play, independent play skills and ability to follow instructions. Activities in each 2-hour lesson may include arts and crafts, music and movement, outdoor play, pretend play and games.

Our Play Group meets every Wednesday, from 10 AM - 12 PM.

Social Learning Group 

The Social Learning Group (SLG) helps children with social-skills deficits to learn appropriate ways to interact with peers in a social environment.  During each 2-hour lesson, through a variety of activities, the children receive instructions, practice new skills, and receive feedback for interacting with peers in ways that will foster increased and positive social interaction. Examples of skills targeted in this group include joint attending, social language, social play, self-regulation, and classroom/group behavior.

Our SLG meets every Friday, from 2.30 PM - 4.30 PM.

Screening is provided to assess the suitability of a group program for the child. Trial classes are also available.