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Child Psychologist


Screening, Diagnosis and Consultation

If your child exhibits some of these signs

- Poor eye contact

- No interest in making friends or playing with others

- Tantrums that are frequent

- Rigidity

- Behavioral issues

- Hyperactivity

- Obsession with a subject of interest

- Hand flapping

- Body rocking

- Difficulty in completing tasks

- Difficulty in doing things that are normal in daily life

You could bring him or her for a screening session with our Clinical Psychologist. A Clinical Psychologist is able to identify red flags in development, behavior or cognitive functioning. Once these are identified, the Clinical Psychologist may proceed with further assessment or recommend a treatment plan if necessary. 

Some of the types of assessment that we offer here are diagnosis in Autism, ADHD, Global Developmental Delay (GDD), Adaptive Functional Assessment, School Placement Assessment and more.

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