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For Parents and Professionals

Parent and Family Training

Through parent and family training services, SEED Autism Services Malaysia provides support to families (parents/siblings/relatives) in addressing the challenges associated with autism. During the training, basic principles of ABA are taught and its daily practical application is discussed.

Public Workshops

We conduct regular workshops for members of the community who wish to learn more about the applications of ABA. Our public workshops are open to parents and professionals alike, or the general public. These workshops last anywhere between half day to two days.

Past workshop titles include:

Teaching Functional Language to Children with Autism and Language Delay

Understanding Autism and ABA

Building Rapport

Teaching Requesting Skills

Managing Behaviors

ABA in Classroom Settings (designed for school teachers)

We also conduct workshops upon invitations by educational institutions and NGOs in various locations across the country. 

Professional Training Courses

Our professional training courses are delivered only by BCBAs and BCaBAs.

ABA Foundation Course

This is a two-day course, which includes information on effective teaching methods based on the principles of ABA. This course is suitable for educators, professionals and parents seeking to acquire these skills to work with children in a 1:1 or small group setting.

Next course in 2022: N/A

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