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Preschool Class


For ages 3 to 6 or subject to individual learning needs

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The Early Intervention Program (EIP) is aimed at preparing your child with preschool readiness
skills in a small classroom setting. At our EIP, this is achieved through two levels:

Level 1

Core goals of our Level 1 program:

  • increasing awareness of classroom routines

  • developing social behavior and play skills

  • generalizing of skills to natural environment

  • adapting to changes in routines

  • increasing self-help and independence skills 

Level 2

Core goals of our Level 2 program:

  • increasing participation in group activities

  • increasing resilience and perseverance while learning in a group

  • learning how to learn from a group setting

  • developing new basic literacy skills from group instructions

Children who meet Level 1 goals consistently will transition to Level 2, depending on their individual
progression rate. This is to ensure that each child is given the attention and opportunity to build their
foundational skills in order to set them up for better success rate at Level 2.

We also offer 1:1 Extended EIP (After School Program).

Early Intervention Program (EIP): Programs
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