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Preschool Class


Not just a program, it's a journey.

An Early Intervention Program (EIP) built towards a student's successful transition to school.

Children sometimes have difficulties transitioning into a school environment due to bigger classroom size, more rules to follow, multiple classroom and teacher transitions as well as the introduction of a new curriculum. In Malaysia, a typical elementary grade classroom size may have 20-25 students at a private school setting while in a public school, it is somewhere between 30-40 students. As such, teachers often face time and resource constraints to focus on individual student needs.

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) face similar challenges. Without initial support, they could have difficulty managing their emotions and behaviors. This in turn affects their ability engaging with teachers in the classroom or in making new friends.

Our TtS early intervention program is specifically designed to help students and parents overcome this hurdle. Through this program, the child should:

  • feel safe, secure and happy in the new environment

  • achieve increased independence

  • achieve increased engagement in the classroom

  • achieve increased social skills

  • achieve increased academic skills

  • achieve increased motivation to learn

All of the above aim to increase the child's happiness, academic progress, positive relationships with peers and teachers, sustainable learning behaviors as well as peer inclusion. Talk to us today to find out more about the program.

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